y don't you answer if you're a virgin or not?

It’s non of your business, baby. :)

Sabi naman sa’yo, lolokohin ka lang niya.

Would you dare to follow back? HAHAHAHA :)

Sure. :)

I always choose to take your shit. That’s how much I love you, baby.

r u still a virgin?

Does it bother you? Lol

good afternoon :)

Good afternoon din! :D

“I am the kind of girl who has to be told I love you every day; one who needs to receive a bunch of sweet messages once in a while. I need to be reassured that I am the only girl in your life most of the time; one who needs to be hugged often, to be protected, to be treated as someone special. I am the kind of girl who loves to be clingy — a reason why I need actions instead of words alone. I am the kind of girl who needs to feel loved. Otherwise, I won’t stay.”

— (via escafeism)
Hi 😊💕 happy beerday i mean birthday po pala 🍻🎉🎁 Godbless 😊 sorry kung f.c po ako .lol

Oh hi! Thank you! :)))